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About Toras Chaim

Learn on your schedule. At your convenience.

Are you looking to finish a Masechta but need some extra motivation? 

Have you ever started a קביעות in learning but started slacking off after a while?

This program is just the right מסגרת for you!

Toras Chaim was established to help motivate every average working yungerman that finds it difficult to invest the hour a day in learning, and to keep the motivation going - long term.

Home: About Toras Chaim

Staying motivated

Monthly test ($$)

Written test once a month. Receive a monthly stipend $$ based on your mark.

Once a month there's an easy written test on that month's דפים, with an option to answer חזרה questions as well on the previous months דפים.

Based on your mark - you can receive up to 135$/month. 

Every month is an independent test and you can get paid whether you took or will take the previous/next test's.

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